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Curing the Unknown in a Global Pandemic

One hospital’s pandemic response through the eyes of its doctors, nurses, and custodial crews.

Black hole development in Little Italy

Planning documents from Civic San Diego indicate up to one million dollars will be allocated to the piazza project by the city, to be drawn from Development Impact Fee Funds. These are fees collected from commercial developers that are intended to fund... Read More | Share it now!

He said he would destroy our neighborhood

A developer’s plan to build on a canyon property in Hillcrest sparked an ever-escalating two-year dispute with the project’s immediate neighbors. As the differences have become more contentious, one or the other side has appealed to the city’s... Read More | Share it now!

Building begins on busy corner in Point Loma

A Chevron gas station that once occupied the land closed in the early 1990s — back when gas still cost less than two dollars per gallon. While the structures and underground tanks were removed at that time, the lot required extensive sweeping and... Read More | Share it now!

Holiday season may finally end with silent nights

A new target date has been set for the long-awaited implementation of a railway Quiet Zone in San Diego. If all goes according to plan, effective that date, train conductors will no longer be required by law to sound a 100 decibel horn as trains pass... Read More | Share it now!