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San Diego food in hidden corners 

Good food in surprising locations, including burgers at a tackle shack and fried chicken in a donut shop. For San Diego Reader.

San Diego’s Ghost Kitchens

The proliferation of ghost kitchens in San Diego…

Brews that built San Diego Beer

History of San Diego brewing, told in beers

Interesting, unusual, and offal tacos

You can walk into any taco shop in town and order without looking at a menu. Every does does carnitas, carne asada, and some kind of fish, and most do at least one of these well. But a lot else fits inside a palm-sized tortilla, and this search for... Read More | Share it now!

This summer’s must-have meal is being served under a tree in Mexico

If you love great food and unforgettable dining experiences, here’s a sweet little road trip that should be on your itinerary this summer.